African Quest

African Quest

Lead Technical Designer

  • Art Refinement | Processing – Photoshop & Illustrator
  • Rigging | Animation – Spine & After Effects
  • Configuration | Coding – TypeScript

Supporting Technical Designer: Eric Roth

As the Lead Technical Designer, I was responsible for planning, building, and polishing all of the visual aspects of the game as well as managing a support designer upskilling them. I built almost everything in the game, from the symbols to the win presentation. My support was tasked with polishing a lot of the game mostly the base game environment and translating the game into all it’s languages.

Most notably I was able to rig and animate the lion host for the game. His rig was one of the most complex rigs that we have ever built to give him a real presence in the game. He has many counter constraints on his body to move him in a semi-3d space when moving his head so he could look about the game and feel more alive.


Video Provided by Slot Catalog