Arcane ELO Ranking System

Arcane is a WordPress theme developed by SkyWarrior Themes that allowed users to create teams, recruit players, schedule and record matches in any video game the owner wanted. Within that system there wasn’t a good way to try the overall rating of a team based on how well they were doing.

I developed a plugin that attached itself to many of the core features that the theme offered, it provided and tracked changes to a teams ‘score’ which fluctuated as they played matches.

The plugin provided:

-Generates ELO scores for all teams including new teams
-Updates ELO scores on match accepted scores
-Updates ELO scores on Official Matches Only
-Allows for global reset of ELO scores
-Includes a Visual Composer Element to display a team’s ELO score
-Provided a listing of all the active teams based on their current ELO Score

The theme has since moved away from Visual Composer and had a pretty major overhaul in terms of their core code which has caused this plugin to break and is no longer supported.

The original posting with download link is here:

Integrated settings into the existing Arcane Settings

The Team widget displaying the teams ELO Score

Team Listing by Elo Score with Detailed view on the right